Professional Social Media Marketing Services Our social media marketing experts will help you grow your business. Every business needs a professional social media strategy in order to compete effectively. Without social media management you are falling behind the curve and not building your presence

The social media revolution is changing the world around us. Azam Marketing has been involved in unlocking the potential of online conversations to benefit our clients since the dawn of the internet. We understand how to help companies manage the complexity of communicating and listening across diverse social spaces.

Getting involved in the conversations about your brand, company or products is becoming more important all the time. If you haven't started to exploit the explosive potential of social media, now is definitely the time to begin, to stay ahead of or catch up with your competitors. And if you have already started but are not enjoying the fruits like others, we can audit your results to date and develop a plan for your business.

We will work with you to develop a social media strategy based upon your key objectives. From identifying major social influencers and determining which social spaces are best for addressing your target audiences, through to creating content, brand pages, apps and communities, we have all the skills and tools to help manage your social media presence.

Our inhouse technologies combined with world-class third-party software allows us to design, implement, measure and report on strategies. Our experts are obsessive about finding the most effective social media apps and have trialled at least ninety tools in the last year alone.

Unlike other agencies which purport to be experts at unlocking the potential of social media, we don't just talk the talk but walk the walk. Azam Marketing has over 360,000 followers of our twenty one accounts on social media networks. You may see three of our accounts here, for our Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages.

Let Azam harness the combined power Of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms to formulate a profitable Social Media Marketing strategy for your business

In this dynamic online environment it's important that you work with digital experts who understand the social media space. We can offer you the most effective social media strategies and the following services:

Research and find your target audience where they are most active online

Find the most influential sites and individuals relating to your brand and/or industry

Create a social media and online public relations blueprint based on these audiences and influencers

Implement the social media and public relations blueprint

Utilise the most effective tools and 'growth hack' techniques to drive results for your business. We only employ legitimate tactics

Monitor, evaluate and report on the success of your social media campaigns

Track brand sentiment, brand buzz, and brand health

Utilise state-of-the-art social media syndication and monitoring tools such as AzamTentacleTM and BuzzTalkTM to syndicate key messages and analyse results

Contact us now to take advantage of the booming social media landscape and take your business to the next level.

Azam Marketing's indusry-leading experts will manage your conversations across all social media networks. Click here to contact us now

Areas of Expertise

  •    Brand Pages Creation/Optimisation
  •    Social Platform Integration
  •    Social Media Content Management
  •    Auto-posting and Syndication
  •    Boost Active Follower Count
  •    Brand Building
  •    Community Building
  •    Conversations with Targeted Groups
  •    Social Media Applications
  •    Monitoring Tools
  •    Detailed Outreach Reporting
  •    Reputation Management
  •    Crisis Communication Planning

We have got many delighted clients. Having a comprehensive approach to your social media efforts will allow you to improve and grow your business in a number of ways.

We are delighted to report the success of Azam Marketing's Social Media campaign for our business. This has been successfully delivered, routinely every month.

As a result we have seen an increase in our media coverage through Azam's technical expertise and professional application in the social media arena.

Azam have been instrumental in the overall website development for Any Voucher Codes and have proved invaluable for the entire journey with consistent and punctual high level support throughout."

J C Patel
Any Voucher Codes

Azam Marketing has been working on our Social Media Marketing and Public Relations, and has delivered great results in a short period of time. We are delighted with the results, return on investment and the efficiency of their staff.

We have been amazed with the results of the promotional work done by Azam for us. The campaigns have been classy, targetted and brought better than expected results.

In terms of support and availability out of hours and weekends, we are unaware of any other company who can meet Azam's enviable standards.

Azam Marketing's indepth understanding of the market and target audience is outstanding. We continue to work with the agency and have no hesitation in recommending them."

Dr Senthil Kumar
Managing Director
V A C Media Limited

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