Xpango.com Affiliate Program
Exciting Reward Based Website

About Xpango.com

Xpango is an exciting reward based site that uses a unique credit system to reward its customers with FREE new latest generation iPhone and Samsung mobile phones, gaming consoles, iPads and tablet devices, and other electronic devices!

Each gadget is received for free in exchange for credits which can be received from Xpango.

When a customer registers with Xpango and selects their free Gift, they will receive a 'Referral ID' which is used to gain credits.

Credits can easily be gained by either (or a combination of) participating in Xpango Offers, referring friends, or by purchasing a mobile accessory / clix package

Why should affiliates link to the Xpango affiliate marketing program?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Xpango as your affiliate program:

    Lucrative commission rates
    Earn 0.40/$0.60 per new registrant! This generous payment has only been introduced in the last few months.
    Xpango offers 7/$10.70 commission on all qualified leads. This was recently doubled!
    Impressive highly converting website which is regularly updated with the latest games consoles and mobile phones.
    A 'lifetime' cookie period!
    All the latest gaming consoles available.
    Free world wide delivery.
    No limits customers can receive unlimited gifts.
    Outstanding customer support.
    Lots of new creative for affiliates, including eye-catching flash banners, static banners and text links.
    Regular competitions where affiliates can win fantastic prizes such as a brand new games console or mobile phone!

Which network is the Xpango affiliate program on?

Xpango is on Commission Junction.

Who manages the affiliate program?

We consider affiliates to be an integral part of the Xpango team and the program is managed by a reputable affiliate management agency, Azam Marketing. The company has been operating in affiliate marketing since 1997 and you can call upon their unparalleled knowledge and experience to maximise your earnings from Xpango affiliate program.

What is your keyword policy?

Xpango does not allow affiliates to bid on the name 'xpango.com', Xpango Gaming or any permutations, variations or misspellings on any search engine.

What is your spyware policy?

Xpango runs an ethical affiliate program. We will not support or work with any partner that uses spyware.

What tips can you offer to maximise affiliate earnings?

    (1) Study the Xpango website and highlight the advantages of the offering
    (2) Set up SEO'd pages focussing on each product we offer, with unique content, and deeplink to the relevant page on Xpango.
    (3) Upsell our products if you already promote other cashback sites, your customers may be interested in learning about how they can earn games consoles as a reward for shopping online.