Professionally-Managed Campaigns by PPC Specialists

Azam Marketing uses a combination of the best paid search marketing professionals and proprietary software in order to generate maximum number of conversions (leads, sales, sign ups etc) for advertisers.

Specialist PPC Team

Our award-winning team of PPC specialists have a vast experience in handling paid search activity for some of the biggest brands in the UK and in the International market and hence we ensure your brand will be placed in the most capable hands available. At Azam Marketing our methodology for setting up campaigns allows us to produce award winning results. Once we have gathered client requirements, and set relevant targets and expectations. We follow the steps below in order to the best results for our PPC campaigns.

Campaign structure

We decide in which form to structure the individual ad groups and campaigns within the account. Ed: segmenting brand keywords, competitor keywords and generic keywords all in their own campaigns and groups.

Keyword research

This involves conducting keyword research based on various aspects, right from broad high volume keywords all the way down to long tail search terms that generate the odd conversion but when targeted in quantity and account for a large number of acquisitions.

Ad creation

We have an in depth knowledge in the best practice of ad copy writing. With over 20 years in combined experience, rest assured that ads produced by us stand out from the rest and are compelling against competitors in the same ad space.

Landing page structure

In order for a search marketing campaign to be effective, the page/site that traffic is going to be driven to must be structured in an effective manner in order to yield best conversion rates. At Azam marketing we work very closely with our clients in order to develop bespoke landing pages that increase conversion rates.

Destination URL selection

In order to increase conversions it is important to have ads go to a very relevant and targeted landing page as opposed to a generic one. At Azam Marketing we take the time to determine the correct and relevant destination URL’s for each individual ad that is to be displayed on the SERP’s (search engine results pages).

Bid Strategy

In order to increase the chances of success and to yield maximum returns from a campaign, an effective bid strategy is needed. Modifying bids in order to boost conversions, reduce costs and to dictate ad positions allows us to deliver unparallel ROI for our clients. Azam Marketing, we use a combination of bid management technologies as well as manual bid amendments in order to yield the best returns for our clients.


The following diagram will visualise the steps that are incorporated in planning the most comprehensive and innovative PPC strategies for each of our clients:

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The Benefits

  •    Attract consumers to website
  •    Increase sales for your business
  •    Reduce cost of customer acquisition
  •    Boost your brand awareness
  •    Optimise spend based on ROI
  •    Vary ad spend based on stock
  •    Target ads by demographics

From day one Azam Marketing has been a key partner for the Safestyle PPC program - delivering consistent levels of high quality leads.

Their ingenuity and expertise in lead generation has allowed them to grow their lead volume in a highly competitive market place. In just eleven months their leads achieved in excess of £800k of sales revenue for Safestyle."

Jonathan Scott
Marketing Executive
Brilliant Media

We have worked with Azam Marketing for the last three years and they have proved themselves to be an invaluable partner. They possess an extensive knowledge of the search market and we have always benefited from their insight on our business.

They have always been proactive in suggesting new promotional techniques that are in keeping with our overall brand strategy. The overriding sentiment for me has been their focus not on short term profit but on developing long term integrated partnerships."

Siddarth Vijayakumar
Former Marketing Director

We have worked with Azam Marketing on a number of successful programmes.

They are one of the best, most knowledgeable search marketers I have ever dealt with and consistently deliver market insight, service, and above all else volume."

Andy Guest
Sales & Digital Marketing Manager
Serpecon Ltd.

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