Of course, alongside the eating, drinking and conversations about how people wished global warming would speed up so they could enjoy more Septembers basking in sunshine, there was a great deal of welcome networking was done and business discussed, but in the dispassionate manner which is unique to British affiliate marketing. The industry has more unwritten etiquette than at an Edwardian dinner party. If for, instance, you’d like to find out an affiliate’s URL, you require the patience of Job because you have to hobnob with them for at least five years before daring to mumble the question.

One of the most respected New Media agencies in the UK, and certainly one which does understand accepted modi operandi, is Glasgow-based Equator. The three Don't feint ladies over these four hunks: JJ from PrimeQ, Pete and Nic from Affiliate Future and Stephen from ipoints representatives from the company, Robbie Parish, Kerry Kasim and Fiona McPherson, said that they had thoroughly enjoyed coming down from Scotland: “I have had a blast of a day,” exclaimed Kerry. “It was great to meet friends, chat to current and new affiliates and foster relationships”. Robbie said poetically, “The networking was good, the women were better, but the best thing was the beer”.

The Dixie Queen chugged up and down the Thames at a blazing pace, going as far as the Millennium Dome and then returning to Tower Bridge a number of times as people chatted, flirted, moaned (despite not being stuck in front of their computers, it was not a day on which affiliates would change their personalities) and muzzled a delightful finger buffet while making the most of the free bar.

The day seemed to end quickly when the boat docked at Butler’s Wharf and everybody was politely shepherded off her by the smartly-attired staff. Anna McFadyen from PrimeQ was disappointed at having to disembark at five o’clock and said, “I wish it had lasted longer. Instead of having the gathering at another venue next year, we should be on the Dixie Queen again!”

Half the people retired to a bar in the Tower hotel just by St Katharine's Dock. The partying carried on long into the night and more than one person, as they left the bar, commented on it being the best meet-up ever. It not until after 2am that the last person staggered home.

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