Conversion Rate Optimisation Consultants - Custom Landing Page Creation for PPC Campaigns

Conversion definition

A conversion is an action a user can complete on your website that matches with your business goals and adds value to your business (i.e. a purchase, sign-up to a newsletter or filling out a contact form).

How do we increase and optimise conversions?

We use a wide blend of technologies and techniques in order to analyse your lead funnels' performance and to ensure your business goals are achieved.

Our unique approach of using the latest technology as well as the most up to date optimisation techniques allows us to get the best of both worlds - the speed efficiency of technology combined with the skill, experience and detail of manual conversion optimisation.

What is Conversion Optimisation?

In order to increase overall ROI of any particular campaign, optimisation is the key. The term conversion optimisation refers to a number of regular steps taken in order to increase overall volume (sales, leads, sign ups, etc) while also reducing the cost per acquisition/sale (CPA) on an ongoing basis.

At Azam Marketing we diligently follow a number of intricate steps in order to make sure that we are efficiently optimising all campaigns.

We are through in our approach and optimise the account from keyword level right up to ad-copy and landing page level. We conduct a number of tests such as alternative keyword targeting matches, dynamic keyword insertion, landing page A-B testing, to name but a few.

Our aim is to work closely with our clients to grow their business while reducing their costs and maintaining a long lasting fruitful relationship.

Steps we take to optimise conversion rate:

Focused, granular campaigns and ad groups

Keyword research

Negative keywords

Specific ad texts with strong CTAs

Deep linked landing pages

Site Links

Geo-targeting – locations

Mobile targeting

Search Network

Display Network

Analysing data / performance results

Continuous fine-tuning of campaigns to CPA/CPL

    Azam Marketing won Highly Commended 'Best Lead Generation Campaign' and was finalist for 'Best PPC Campaign' at the a4u Online Marketing Awards for the thousands of leads we generated for one of our clients through our search marketing expertise. In total we were shortlisted for five awards - a record for any agency          

The Benefits

  •    Attract consumers to website
  •    Increase sales for your business
  •    Reduce cost of customer acquisition
  •    Boost your brand awareness
  •    Optimise spend based on ROI
  •    Vary ad spend based on stock
  •    Target ads by demographics

From day one Azam Marketing has been a key partner for the Safestyle PPC program - delivering consistent levels of high quality leads.

Their ingenuity and expertise in lead generation has allowed them to grow their lead volume in a highly competitive market place. In just eleven months their leads achieved in excess of £800k of sales revenue for Safestyle."

Jonathan Scott
Marketing Executive
Brilliant Media

We have worked with Azam Marketing for the last three years and they have proved themselves to be an invaluable partner. They possess an extensive knowledge of the search market and we have always benefited from their insight on our business.

They have always been proactive in suggesting new promotional techniques that are in keeping with our overall brand strategy. The overriding sentiment for me has been their focus not on short term profit but on developing long term integrated partnerships."

Siddarth Vijayakumar
Former Marketing Director

We have worked with Azam Marketing on a number of successful programmes.

They are one of the best, most knowledgeable search marketers I have ever dealt with and consistently deliver market insight, service, and above all else volume."

Andy Guest
Sales & Digital Marketing Manager
Serpecon Ltd.

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