Affiliate Program Management agency. Nearly 25 years of professional affiliate marketing experience!Affiliate marketing enables you to receive leads and sales on a commission-only basis. Contact us to find out more about our professional outsourced affiliate management service

We have more experience with and knowledge of affiliate marketing than any agency in the world. We have been at the cutting-edge of affiliate marketing, sometimes referred to as performance marketing, since 1997 and possess a combined 126 years of experience in the field.

We hold a unique skillset for not only are we a highly-regarded Affiliate Management agency but a leading affiliate and have been called upon by the world´s largest affiliate networks and marketing agencies to provide consultancy services.

Our Affiliate Managers look after an average of less than three advertisers each. This is amongst the lowest ratio in the industry and means we can give you and your affiliate program the attention you deserve. It is not uncommon for Affiliate Managers elsewhere to be responsible for over 40 advertisers, and not be able to devote more than an hour a week to each client.

We have been voted Highly Commended Affiliate Management Agency of the Year at the industry's Performance Marketing Awards. In another year we were voted Highly Commended Best Lead Generation Campaign, one of our Affiliate Directors was nominated a finalist for Affiliate Manager of the Year, and the judges also selected us as a finalist for Best Retail Advertiser for the incredible results we produced for one of our Affiliate Management clients. In total we have won or been a finalist for ten awards at this one awards ceremony alone!

We have also been selected by independent authority on digital marketing eConsultancy as a "leading" affiliate marketing agency and featured in their guide.

Affiliate Management Enthusiasm

We have worked with a wide range of companies in different verticals to launch and relaunch their affiliate programs and manage them. Employing the techniques we have developed and refined since starting in the industry in 1997, we ensure clients reap the considerable rewards of performance based marketing.

We are not in affiliate marketing to merely provide us with a salary. We have spent thirteen years in the field because we love what we do. Affiliates and advertisers repeatedly tell us they enjoy working with us because we are passionate and will go out of our way to satisfy their requirements.

Unparalleled Experience

Our dream team of Affiliate Managers are the best in the business. Aged 35+, they have held senior positions at leading agencies and networks.

Having spent years in the trenches, seeing what does and does not work in affiliate marketing, we ensure only the most effective strategies are employed to grow our clients' affiliate programs. This maximises the odds of success and saves everybody time, money and hassle.

With almost all other affiliate marketing companies, once the more experienced business development staff have brought you on board, you will be passed on to junior staff in their twenties to look after your account. They are learning the ropes and will struggle to provide the best results for your organisation or provide you with an adequate level of service.

Unparalleled Contacts

We have close friends and contacts on every major affiliate network in the UK, USA and continental Europe. We have been attending the networks´ roundtables and gatherings for years.

We also know hundreds of affiliates on a first name basis and what they specialise in. Because of our reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism, publishers prefer to work with the affiliate programs we manage.

We will recruit affiliates for you from our JemRob 2™ database which features over 9,000 of the top performing affiliates

The most experienced Affiliate Management team in the industry will look after your account, ensuring you receive the maximum number of leads

We advertise clients for free on our powerful social media assets, affiliate and online marketing forums, our industry blog, and 70+ partner affiliate websites

We provide longer support hours than any other affiliate management agency in the world: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We are the only agency that is available and encourages clients and affiliates to contact us 365 days a year by telephone, email, Skype, WhatsApp and social media

Because we are uniquely available when many affiliates work, in the evenings and weekends, affiliates prefer to promote the programs we manage

Our headquarters are based the very centre of London, within 15 minutes walk of countless affiliate networks and agencies. It means we stay in close contact with the leading companies in the sector to benefit our clients

Being a full service digital agency, we utilise our expertise in aligned fields to develop a comprehensive strategy to benefit each client's affiliate program

Contact us to find out why the world´s most ambitious companies chose us to manage their affiliate programs. We also provide a consultancy and training service.

           Azam Marketing was voted Highly Commended Best Lead Generation Campaign at the affiliate marketing industry's prestigious Performance Marketing Awards in the Grosvenor Hotel in London’s Mayfair. In total we were finalists for five awards, a record for any agency            Azam Marketing was voted Highly Commended Affiliate Management Agency of the Year at the Performance Marketing Awards           Azam Marketing has been selected as a Featured Supplier and a 'leading' UK affiliate marketing agency by the respected industry authority on digital marketing eConsultancy

Why Azam for Affiliate Management?

Professional Outsource Affiliate Programme Management Services    Unparalleled Expertise
Outsourced affiliate programme management agency / network    Focus on Return On Investment
Outsourced affiliate programme management agency / network    Award-Winning Senior Affiliate Managers
Outsourced affiliate programme management agency / network    Competitive Fees
24/7/365 service for our clients, saving you time and hassle and accelerating your affiliate program's growth. Stop wasting your valuable time chasing up agencies that are only available a fifth of the hours we are!    24 Hours a Day/365 Days a Year Support
Outsourced affiliate programme management agency / network    Proven Track-Record in Generating Results

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Testimonials for our Outsourced Professional Affiliate Management Service - save over 60% on the cost of an internal Affiliate Manager

CJ Affiliate has been working with the team at Azam Marketing since 2001 in the UK (longer in the US) and they have always shown themselves to be 100% committed to online marketing and use all tools at their disposal on behalf of their clients.

Each person at Azam Marketing has shown themselves to be dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable and professional across the online marketing mix. All in all they are an absolute pleasure to work with."

Hannah Luckie
Former Marketing Manager
CJ Affiliate

We have worked with Azam Marketing for over twenty years, and they have always demonstrated a strong understanding of their clients' online needs and an in-depth publisher knowledge that has developed into a strong business partnership with TradeDoubler.

Their innovative approach to digital sales and their determination to continuously improve the performance of their clients' affiliate programmes is second to none. Nadeem and his team are extremely professional, enthusiastic and an all round a great pleasure to work with."

Aurore Hult
Former Agency Service Director

Azam Marketing's passion for affiliate marketing and reputation for quality means they are highly regarded in the community.

The hard work the agency puts into servicing clients was clearly visible to us when they took over the management of an affiliate program on our network and utilised many of the tools we provide as well as coming up with unique creative and linking option that resulted in a surge of sales for the Merchant.

I understand that Nadeem Azam started in online marketing in the same year as me, 1997, and I have been aware of his company's presence in the industry for much of this time.

Azam Marketing is highly skilled in using the tools available online to promote clients. We have witnessed this ourselves with Azam Marketing having recruited a significant number of active affiliates to Paid On Results over many years."

Clarke Duncan
Paid On Results

I have been delighted with the service I have received from the Affiliate Mangement team at Azam Marketing and can highly recommend the agency to any company seeking to take their affiliate program to greater heights. Nadeem Azam helped us troubleshoot our affiliate program and source valuable new super affiliates. The tremendous efforts shown by him and everyone at Azam Marketing have significantly benefited our business."

Justine Wyness
Former Marketing and Sales Manager

To recruit and retain a marketing employee with the skills, knowledge and breadth of experience in affiliate marketing that Azam are able to offer is just not possible.

We have been working with Azam for close to 20 months now and I am extremely satisfied; during that time they have provided hands-on management of affiliate issues and worked to develop our programmes. If youve got affiliate marketing problems, and no-one else can help, maybe you can hire, Azam."

Tim Johnson
Managing Director
Ink Cartridges Limited

I have worked with Azam Marketing for many years now and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt they are among the most honest and hard working people in the industry. Their integrity is matched only by their high level of experience. I would recommend the agency to anyone who is looking to broaden their presence via online marketing."

Kieron Donoghue
UK Offer Media Limited

Nadeem, the CEO of Azam Marketing, is practically part of the furniture in the UK affiliate marketing industry and as such has built up a contacts list only matched by his enthusiasm for the industry. This impressive networking will put Azam Marketing in a very strong position in what is a competitive marketplace.

Affiliate marketing done well can be a very powerful volume channel and I'm sure there will be many future clients of Azam Marketing who will benefit from the experience gained by their team at all stages of the markets development."

Malcolm Cowley

Nadeem is a true affiliate marketing guru he is the most well respect and liked individual in the industry. He takes ultimate pride in every aspect of work his conducts for his clients.

I simply have no hesitation recommendation Nadeem to advertisers, agencies or affiliates for assistance in affiliate or online marketing. A true gentleman."

Chris Bishop
Digital, Marketing & Performance Media Consultant

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